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Feed Supervisor® Software

Feed the ration your nutritionist balanced.

Dry matter intakes were the main reason that we developed the Feed Supervisor® system. Our focus was to develop a system to monitor daily intakes.

First of all, your nutritionist can now do a better job of balancing rations by knowing the actual intake of the cows. He/she can catch problems as they begin and before they become major issues by monitoring dry matter intake patterns.

You can use the Ration Management features and reports to make proactive changes within your herd. Customize feedings each day to reflect the daily changes on your dairy. Monitor percent overfed or cleaned up and plan for tomorrow. Analyze dry matter intakes and make management decisions based on accurate data. Look at feed efficiency ratios and critical information like feed cost per cow, per hundred weight, and income over feed cost.

Avoid Empty Bunk Syndrome
One of the biggest management questions since the implementation of Total Mixed Rations has been how much to overfeed the cows. Feed too much and waste money, or feed too little and hurt milk production for the day.

When it comes to efficiently managing weigh-back or clean-up, Feed Supervisor® Software becomes an invaluable tool. Feed Supervisor® Software provides the means of tracking clean-up versus dry matter intakes and milk production. This information allows the dairy to find the level of clean-up that will maximize milk production, while limiting the amount of wasted feed.

Inventory Shrink, "The Silent Thief"
Supplying quality feed remains the largest expense associated with operating a dairy, however, many farm managers do not have a system in place to monitor inventory, and "the silent thief", otherwise known as shrink. Shrink adds thousands of dollars of unaccountable expense to dairies each year.

The first step in eliminating shrink is identifying where it is taking place. Feed Supervisor® Software provides you with a means of identifying shrink and the data to monitor progress as you work to eliminate it.

Operator Efficiency
Your operator should be playing for the home team, not the opposition!

As we all know, it is crucial that feed is accurately mixed and distributed in order to ensure that a balanced ration is presented to the dairy herd. Feed Supervisor® Software confirms that mixing errors made today cause problems such as displaced abomasums tomorrow.

To eliminate costly mistakes, many producers have installed Feed Supervisor® Software on their dairy. As a result, your employee becomes accountable for each pound of feed that is fed. Since feed costs make up such a large component of operating expenses, having accountability with the operator can save the dairy thousands of dollars.

Which system is right for you?

Manual System:
Feed Supervisor® Software can be used as a standalone PC package that generates batch sheets, monitors inventory and cleanup through manual inputs to the software.

Scale Interface:
Feed Supervisor® Software can be interfaced to a Avery Weigh Tronix 2040 indicator, where the indicator records batches mixed, clean up weights, and sends the information back to the PC via wireless data transfer or a manual TDM module download.

Touch Screen Feeding:
Our top of the line package, the FS»Touch touch screen feeding system, works with the Avery Weigh Tronix 640 indicator and connects the power of a PC to your TMR mixer. Transfer data through your existing WiFi network, or use a USB memory stick for a low cost alternative.

All versions of Feed Supervisor® Software are fully upgradeable to the next level. All Feed Supervisor® Software versions include network capability at no extra cost when used with your existing office network. All versions of Feed Supervisor® Software include 15 different language options.

Feed Supervisor® Software Brochure

Which system is right for you?

Feed Supervisor System Options Illustration

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"Feed Supervisor is a program that can help you as a dairy producer in many ways. One area that the program has helped our dairy is clean up.

When we first started out with Feed Supervisor, our clean ups were around 10-12%. Now we're closer to 3%. We use Feed Supervisor daily to keep our clean ups low. Each day we weigh the clean up amounts. Twice a month, we print off the Clean Up Tracking Report from Feed Supervisor and go over the data.

As an incentive program, our feeder gets cash based on how efficiently he feeds in regard to clean up. The program has saved us over $30,000 this year, just by monitoring clean up and making changes based on those numbers.

By dropping clean up, we have lowered our feed costs dramatically and our cows are actually milking more because we have a better grasp on how much to feed our cows.

Our consultants can use the program and make suggestions based on the data. This program is easy to use and is an excellent tool for making decisions based on accurate information.

I would not be without this program!"

     Dan S.
     Almena, WI
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