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"Oak Orchard began searching for a system that could measure feeders' performance, dry matter intake and feed shrink...Feed Supervisor® has streamlined the feeding process...the program has definitely cut down on feeder error...Not only has Feed Supervisor® saved us money in regard to feeding error, but it has saved us over $6400 with less feed shrink and $1825 a year in labor savings!"
Curt N.
Elba, NY
"Feed Supervisor is a program that can help you as a dairy producer in many ways. One area that the program has helped our dairy is clean up.

When we first started out with Feed Supervisor, our clean ups were around 10-12%. Now we're closer to 3%. We use Feed Supervisor daily to keep our clean ups low. Each day we weigh the clean up amounts. Twice a month, we print off the Clean Up Tracking Report from Feed Supervisor and go over the data.

As an incentive program, our feeder gets cash based on how efficiently he feeds in regard to clean up. The program has saved us over $30,000 this year, just by monitoring clean up and making changes based on those numbers.

By dropping clean up, we have lowered our feed costs dramatically and our cows are actually milking more because we have a better grasp on how much to feed our cows.

Our consultants can use the program and make suggestions based on the data. This program is easy to use and is an excellent tool for making decisions based on accurate information.

I would not be without this program!"
Dan S.
Almena, WI
"Since my consultant has his own version of Feed Supervisor, our feeding program runs even more efficiently. I email a backup file to him weekly, so he stays current with the dairy in between farm visits. Ultimately, Feed Supervisor is a powerful indicator that tells me what I'm doing right or wrong. When my consultant comes to our farm, he needs the tools to help solve the problems. Feed Supervisor is that tool. My consultant and I can look at the data together or separately. He can be in his office, while I'm in mine. Having a consultant that knows the program makes communication between us more proficient."
Greg F.
Clear Lake, WI
"Six years ago when Lee Jensen of Five Star Dairy decided to expand his 120-cow dairy, he like many producers who have expanded their herds realized the increased importance of monitoring their inputs. “With the way inputs have skyrocketed recently, it very important to have the ability to understand your costs” comments Jensen.

Today, Jensen, 48 with his wife Jean and his cousin Jim are now milking 780 cows housed in two separate six-row barns, while feeding a total of 1650 animals. Their forage area setup consists of bunker silos and drive-over piles, the latter in which he prefers. “Drive-over piles allows for the flexibility of taking feed from all sides of the pile and rain runs off better” remarks Jensen. In handling their commodities, the Jensen’s utilize bins and process their corn right on the farm. One unique aspect of the farm is they own a manure digester. All manure scraped from the alleys of the dairy barns is sent to the digester. The leftover solids are used for bedding on rubber mattresses and the methane gas is sold to Dairyland Power Company.

Five Star Dairy has used Feed Supervisor since day one after the expansion, so it’s hard to compare the before and after, but Jensen believes it’s something he couldn’t be without. “Feed is the biggest expenses on a dairy and if you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it.”

Jensen noted he has found up to 20 different ways to utilize Feed Supervisor in a month. One use is to monitor their feeders’ performance. The dairy feeds 10 batches per day and each batch can contain up to 10 different ingredients, which can leave 100 opportunities to over or under fill the mixer. The dairy currently doesn’t give incentives for accuracy but Feed Supervisor has allowed them to maintain a error allowance of 3%. Jensen credits Feed Supervisor with streamlining communication between him, his nutritionist and his feeders. “The feeders know what to feed, there’s no math, very easy” says Jensen.

Inventory tracking also helps Jensen better manage feed costs and has made ordering feed much easier. “My financial consultant wants a listing of each feed and its usage for every month, with Feed Supervisor its all right there when I need it” comments Jensen. He then goes on to say, “We don’t have to worry about running out of something because we always know how much we have and when we need to order more.”

Looking into the future, the dairy sees a new truck scale as a better way to control what is coming into the farm, especially with forages. Jensen also advises other producers who are thinking about purchasing feed management software to “Work it into their daily routine and keep with it or its useless.” When asked how much money Feed Supervisor has saved him, Jensen sees it this way, “I have spent 7 million dollars in feed over 6 years of having this dairy, even if I saved only one percent of that, it would equal $70,000.” For his particular system, it would have paid for itself 7 times over."
Lee J.
"Steve and Yvonne Weinzirl of Val-O-Mo Farm Inc. purchased Feed Supervisor software to help streamline their dairy’s feeding program. The Weinzirl’s currently milk 325 cows 3 times per day and mix feed for approximately 420 total head.

Steve is the general manager of the farm and his duties range from fieldwork and farm mechanic to managing the maternity pen and feeding the young calves. Jess is responsible for all aspects of mixing and feeding on the farm, bunk management and forage sampling. Yvonne is responsible for the financial management of the business and operates the office computer and Feed Supervisor Software. Yvonne tells us, “One of the very first things that we used Feed Supervisor for was to make our feeders aware of what was actually in the batches they were feeding out...We were all surprised at how different the final product was from what was intended.” Mixing errors were quickly corrected. For example, mixing errors with forages was cut from 10% to now only 5%. Watching DMI and daily production has tipped them off to problems before they became physically evident. Yvonne continues, “We also have an appreciation for how simple it has become to make ration changes or to alter the moistures of our is really handy to be able to go back and find out when we made certain ration changes without having to dig through a pile of papers.”

Jess has lowered the clean up target from 6-8% down to 3%. He adjusts the total pounds fed out daily at the scale, saving about 3.5 tons of feed per week. “We are wasting less feed and at the same time the herd has increased production about 10#/day!”"
Val-O-Mo Farm
Elmwood, WI
"When we installed FS Touch at our dairy, we set it up with the ingredient advance delay. It lets our operator manually advance to the next ingredient, but locks him out if the scale senses a weight change. We had our suspicions that he was advancing to the next ingredient while he was still dumping in feed with the payloader. This proved to us that our suspicions were true. When we presented our data to him, he admitted what he was doing. We were able to stop the bad habit without losing a valuable member of our team."
"“I purchased big square bales of hay from South Dakota and I had fed it for two days. Feed Supervisor showed me that dry matter intakes dropped drastically and we lost 8000 lbs. of milk for those two days. The only feed change was the new hay. After testing and investigating the new hay, we found out that it had a 1.4 million mold count. Turns out, the hay supplier had unwrapped old, wet round bales from last year, and baled them into square bales with some new hay from this year. If it wasn’t for Feed Supervisor, we wouldn’t have noticed the changes in DMI and milk loss so quickly. I would have ended up feeding the hay for a lot longer period of time. Feed Supervisor saved the herd from a huge income loss and all kinds of health issues associated with feeding a high mold count hay!”"
Riley S.
Cumberland, WI
"With the installation of Feed Supervisor, it is now very easy for me to pinpoint feed consumption. That information can be sent directly to my nutritionist, who can then balance our ration to the specific needs of my herd. Our feed management is much tighter, and we have clear communication between everyone at our dairy. We know exactly how many tons of each ingredient we fed last year, and we didn’t have to spend time inputting the data into a spreadsheet. That allows us to better plan for the next year’s needs and assists greatly with our crop records. We feel very comfortable trying new additives in the ration because now it is very easy to determine whether or not it is profitable. You don’t have to have a large herd to find value in Feed Supervisor. On our 110 cow dairy, we’ve cut clean up down from 10% to 4%, saving us about $4500 each year. I highly recommend this software to anyone who is interested in cutting feed costs without cutting supplements."
Tom C.
Shell Lake, WI
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Apr 11 - 1:51 am
We continue to evaluate the portable NIR test lab. Today testing the John Deere Harvest lab

Mar 29 - 5:39 pm
Central Plains Dairy Expo see us in booth 139

Mar 29 - 4:33 pm
Central Plains Dairy Expo Prayer Breakfast. Starting the day in worship. Thank you to Rita Vander Kooi for sharing your story and your faith with us.

Mar 29 - 9:04 am
We're here at the WPS Farm Show Booth A35. If you are near Oshkosh, we'd like to see you!

Mar 29 - 12:22 am
Central Plains Dairy Expo. Excited how effective the Feed Supervisor training sessions were at getting the crowd ready for Clint Black.

Mar 28 - 4:58 pm
Kicking off the Central Plains Dairy Expo 2017 with a Feed Supervisor training session.

Mar 20 - 2:44 pm
Central Plains Dairy Expo
Mar 16 - 3:34 pm
Feed Supervisor Boot Camp is an intensive training program for Dairy Industry Professionals.
Mar 16 - 3:07 pm
1:00pm Truck Supervisor - Identify how Truck Supervisor can enhance your scale and improve the efficiency of your dairy. 2:15pm Feed Supervisor -Get up to speed on our latest updates and the improvements to FS Touch.

Mar 16 - 2:38 pm
Contact Feed Supervisor for details. Space is limited. A panel discussion where current clients explain the benefits of Truck Supervisor.

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