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About Us

K S Dairy Consulting, Inc. began serving dairy producers throughout northwestern Wisconsin and eastern Minnesota in 1993. What began with a focus on dairy nutrition quickly grew into enterprise management as we helped our clients look at the big picture of feed management and cow comfort.

As dairy expansion moved into full swing, producers needed systems in place that would allow them to monitor and manage their dairies. There were many ideas as to what target levels of weigh backs, feed costs and intakes should be but there was no accurate way for the average producer to really know where they really were. Then there was the feeder that looked like he was probably doing a good job but was he.

The need to better understand these variables brought about the development of Feed Supervisor Software® in 1996. What started out in a local market has grown to become the premiere feed management system with a global presence. The focus of Feed Supervisor can be broken down into four main areas.
  • Ration Management - making sure that the ration balanced by your nutritionist is the one fed to your cows.
  • Bunk Management - Discover the level of clean up or weigh back that is most profitable for your dairy and then maintain that amount.
  • Operator Performance - Making sure that your employees are properly loading, mixing and delivering the rations.
  • Inventory Control - Monitoring inventory and controlling shrink.
As feed prices began to rise, inventory management moved to the forefront as producers looked for ways to control ration costs. With this in mind we introduced Truck Supervisor™ as a convenient way to record incoming feed to the dairy. Our Click and Go Technology allows forage and grain harvest to be recorded with a high level of speed and accuracy. The smart card reader provides an easy way for off farm truckers to record weights and unload without your assistance. These features give us a better understanding of inventory control and a powerful tool as we work to eliminate shrink.

Total dairy management involves so much more than balancing rations. More and more work has been done to identify what the real issues and bottlenecks are that prevent dairy operations from meeting their true profit potential. This brought our focus into the area of hoof health. We all know that a cow with sore feet is not going to meet her full production potential. Hoof issues are often the main reason that cows leave the herd prematurely. With so much at stake there was no way for management to really understand the causes of lameness on the dairy. Hoof Supervisor™ fills that void by creating a computerized data recording system so that the true cause of lameness can be identified and then eliminated. Instead of a pile of manure stained trim sheets we can now provide you with colored graphs and reports with the data you need to reduce cull rates.

Much has changed since our company was founded to what has now become Supervisor Systems™. What has not changed is our commitment to the clients we serve and industry that we work in. Our focus remains on providing a quality product backed by the service and support needed to make our clients successful. Our consulting services continue to put us on the front lines at successful dairies each day. Working with TMR operators, herdsmen and being part of the management team on these dairies gives our team the experience and creativity to continue building and improving our product line.

Time Line

KS Dairy Consulting, Inc.
Consulting Business opens in Dresser Wisconsin. Nu tech minerals launch introducing custom mineral mixes for nutrition clients.
Kow Sense
Kow Sense was the precursor to today's Feed Supervisor®. It provided customers with dry matter intakes, bunk management and feed costs.
Feed Supervisor®
This first release of Feed Supervisor® was a manual version, but it added the ability to track inventories.
Feed Supervisor®
The second release of Feed Supervisor was a huge leap into the future with wireless transmitting of data to the scale. It also added a much sought after piece of Operator Performance tracking.
Weather Station Interface
The weather station was unit that was installed at the dairy to collect and transmit specific weather data to the farm computer. Then it could be entered into Feed Supervisor software.
Feed Supervisor® Goes International
Feed Supervisor® was taken to dairies in the international market
TDM Transfer
The Transfer Data Module offered a dependable and more economical transfer option than was previously available with radios.
Ration "Step-Up" Technology
Incorporating ration "step-up" technology into Feed Supervisor allowed important feed ingredient changes to be made automatically, over an appropriate number of days.
Hoof Supervisor Release
Chute side hoof lesion recording program. Delivers permanent records and custom reports on the dairy's hoof health.
Truck Supervisor
Connects the farm truck scale wirelessly to Feed Supervisor with inventories of incoming ingredients or outgoing milk weights.
Alberta Hoof Health Initiative
Hoof Supervisor joined our Canadian neighbors in the project to "eliminate lameness" on Canadian dairies.
Top Ten New Products- WAE
In 2010 Hoof Supervisor won the prestigious Top Ten New Products award at the World Ag Expo in Tulare California.
The power of a computer in your tractor cab. Operators can now change cow numbers, adjust percent dry matter, view previous days feeding, and record inventory counts right in the tractor cab.
FS»Touch Task Scheduler
Scheduled Feeding becomes a reality. Automate all tasks for entry level or part time feeders. One touch feeding system directs feeding order and customized tasks.
Ontario Hoof Supervisor
Ontario and other Canadian territories sign on for Hoof Supervisor.
What Next???
Bale Balancer, Task Manager, Clean- up optimizer, scheduled feeding and more!
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Jun 19, 2019 - 1:32 pm
There are only 11 days left to get in on the early adopter pricing for the SCiO Pocket Feed Analyzer. Call us today to learn how you can save up to $670. Sale ends June 30th, 2019. 715-755-3575

Jun 18, 2019 - 12:01 pm
Jacob got his new SCiO and seeing consistent scans within 1% of other testing methods on TMR. Excited about the results!
Jun 7, 2019 - 5:14 pm
Are you ready to start chopping your first crop of 2019? Call us today to learn more about the SCiO Pocket Feed Analyzer. Test dry matter % instantly instead of waiting 45 minutes to dry down each sample. Using NIR technology, get instant results to give you confidence that the amount of feed you put up will last you through the year. Special pricing available thru June 30th. We have units in stock and can ship today. Call 715-755-3575

Jun 6, 2019 - 11:58 am
WAXX Radio has started playing our latest! If you have heard it, let us know! If not check it out!

Jun 5, 2019 - 11:18 am
We were excited to finally use our SCiO devices on some freshly chopped feed. We tested it against our client's koster tester and got 28% dry matter with both methods. Dairyland Labs test results came back as 28% dry matter as well. This validates our confidence in the accuracy of the SCiO device! Get your SCiO to help make harvest decisions today!

Apr 5, 2019 - 4:19 pm
Check out the promotional video for the SCiO Pocket Size Analyzer. Featuring one of our own...

Mar 26, 2019 - 11:00 am
Pocket Feed Analyzer- Instant testing of: Corn Silage, Grass Silage, Dry Hay, Small Grain Silage, Fresh Corn Silage, Mixed Forage Silage, High Moisture Corn, Dry Shelled Corn and Fresh Small Gain. Coming Soon: Fresh Grass, Fresh legume and Fresh Mixed Silage, TMR.

Sep 26, 2018 - 11:12 am
The crisp air has returned and it reminds us that Autumn has arrived. And next week is the World Dairy Expo already. Stop in and see us at the show. See a demonstration of our systems and receive a free grilled cheese sandwich. See you there!

Nov 17, 2017 - 1:16 pm
Feed Supervisor Software is much more than a feed management system. It can be a great tool used to assess economic impact of certain events and farm decisions. Check out our flyer to learn more!

Nov 9, 2017 - 1:00 pm
Just a few tips and tricks to keep in mind as winter creeps up on us. Prepare your cows for the cold and see a better return throughout the winter. Also keep in mind that Feed Supervisor allows you to input weather data so you can track cow performance in relation to the temperature, snow, rain, etc.

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