Rugged, reliable touchscreen technology that simplifies data collection.

Our touchscreen tablets are designed to collect and display critical information in real dairy farming conditions—so you have the information you need, when you need it.

Touchscreen Technology for Real Farms

Designed to collect real data in real farming conditions, so you can measure what matters and improve efficiency.

Our rugged touchscreens for dairy farmers can be used with both our Feed Supervisor and Hoof Supervisor systems. We know that the best data to inform your business decisions needs to be collected  in the moment—and in the field. That’s why our touchscreen tablets are designed and tested to handle real farming conditions, including high heat, low temperatures, moisture, drops, dust, and other demanding conditions. Not only durable, but easy to use, with a sunlight readable display, our touchscreens make data collection simple for feeders and hoof trimmers. By collecting the best, most accurate feed and trimming data, farmers have the information they need to make a real impact on efficiency.

Touchscreen Technology on Your Farm

The right tool for the job. Our ruggedized tablets give you control over your trimming and feed data.

Track at the Trim Chute

Simplify documentation to identify issues early.

Refer to Past Data

Access individual animal data to track health over time.

Monitor Your Feed Program

Manage each ingredient and record feeding data.

Create Consistency

Follow a feeding schedule and feed consistent rations every time.

Touchscreen Products

We’ve selected best-in-class touchscreen tablets to recommend to real dairy farmers in conjunction with Feed Supervisor and Hoof Supervisor. Feeding your cows is critical to the success of your business—that’s why we only sell the kind of hardware that won’t let you down.

Rugged Technology That Fits Your Farm

The right technology tools put you in control of your farm, painting the complete picture of cow health and milk production.


Tell us a little more about your farm and what you’re looking for—the right solution will always be tailored to your specific needs.


We customize our technology to fit your farm—from feed management to inventory data to hoof health—and your budget.


We work with you to get your new system up and running, and keep in touch to ensure success. Ongoing support is always available.

Collecting Real Farm Data in Real Farm Conditions

Accurate data is critical to making informed decisions that increase efficiency and save you money. Be sure your data is accurate and accessible by using the right hardware for the job: rugged touchscreens designed with dairy farms in mind.

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