Collect and view weights from the mixer.

Our scale indicators are built tough for real farms, providing accurate readings directly to your tablet with FS-Touch Display software.

Scale Indicators to Streamline Data Collection

Designed to work for you in real farming conditions, so you can focus on efficiency.

Our scale indicators provide accurate weight readings directly to your tablet, and can be used with our Feed Supervisor products. We know how many hurdles there are to recording accurate data in real-life farming conditions—and how critical that data is to your bottom line. That’s why our scale indicators feature an easy-to-read display that works in any lighting condition, and stable mixer-weight connections to record accurate weights while mixing. With automated weight readings, operators can focus on the machinery and you can rest assured you’re collecting the information you need. Our scale indicators can also serve as secondary displays for feed type and target amounts during the batching process. By collecting the best, most accurate feed data, farmers have the information they need to make a real impact on efficiency.

Touchscreen Technology on Your Farm

Find control over your feed data with the right tool for the job.

User-Friendly Display

Easy-to-read display works in all lighting conditions.

Measure Accurately

Stable mixer weight connection provides consistent scale readings.

Create Efficiency

Operators can move to the next ingredient wirelessly with remote advance. 

Encourage Flexibility

Scale indicators are compatible with a variety of remote display configurations. 

Scale Indicator Products

We’ve selected best-in-class scale indicators to recommend to real dairy farmers in conjunction with Supervisor Systems. Accurate data is key to the success of your business—that’s why we only sell the kind of hardware that won’t let you down.

Rugged Technology That Fits Your Farm

The right technology tools put you in control of your farm, painting the complete picture of cow health and milk production.


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We customize our technology to fit your farm—from feed management to inventory data to hoof health—and your budget.


We work with you to get your new system up and running, and keep in touch to ensure success. Ongoing support is always available.

Accurate Data in Real Farming Conditions

Accurate data is critical to making informed decisions that increase efficiency and save you money. Be sure your data is accurate and accessible by using the right hardware for the job: scale indicators designed with real farms in mind.

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