Easily track and document deliveries for accurate inventory management.

Our truck scale interface simply and automatically records data on incoming feed deliveries and outgoing milk sales, so you know exactly what’s coming and going.

Truck Supervisor:

An Accurate, Easy to Use Inventory Management Software

Developed by farm professionals with over 25 years of experience, and designed to fit into the daily routine on real dairy farms.

We designed Truck Supervisor knowing that a straightforward and easy to use system reduces operator error and protects the accuracy of your data. Using our smart card reader, delivery drivers can weigh in without touching buttons. That simplicity gives you the kind of data that can make a real difference on the farm, identifying and correcting issues to save time and money. Whether you’re gathering data from harvest trucks, feed delivery trucks, or milk sales, you can rely on accurate reports and invoices, generated instantly. When used in conjunction with Feed Supervisor, you have a complete feed inventory and ration management system.

“We are able to plan our feed usage, use what we have, and harvest what we need. We plan the rations well in advance so we don’t have to make unnecessary changes in the cows’ diet – without any guesswork – and no scrambling with last-minute ration change surprises. Truck Supervisor has paid for itself in a single feed year.”

—Jake Ulrich, Ulrich Farms, WI

Keep Track of What’s Coming and Going

Truck Supervisor supports an efficient, data-driven farm by giving you consistent, accurate insights into delivery data, all collected in easy-to-read invoices and reports.

Track Every Truck

Gather inventory data for anything crossing the truck scale to measure costs, harvests, and shrink.

Save Time with Technology

Our Click and Go and single pass technology systems enable fast paced delivery and harvest measurements. 

Accuracy through Simplicity

Our smart card readers eliminate operator error, ensuring accuracy of inventory data.

Measure What Matters

Instantly generate customer invoices and tonnage reports that are simple and easy to read.


Truck Supervisor Products

Browse the hardware solutions that support our Truck Supervisor program, and get in touch to find the right system to fit your farm.

Track the Kind of Data That Puts You In Control

With Truck Supervisor, you have the information you need to make decisions about your feed program and inventory management. 


Tell us a little more about your farm and what you’re looking for—the right solution will always be tailored to your specific needs.


We customize our technology to fit your farm—from feed management to inventory data to hoof health—and your budget.


We work with you to get your new system up and running, and keep in touch to ensure success. Ongoing support is always available.

Have Questions About Truck Supervisor?

We’re here to help. Truck Supervisor is a straightforward truck scale software, but we know you may have questions about how it can work for you. If you don’t find your question below, please get in touch and our team will be happy to answer it for you.

Yes! Our software currently runs on a Rice Lake 1280 Scale Head enabling it to read an analog signal. If your current scale is an analog scale, then no extra parts are needed. If your truck scale is digital, we would need to add a part that easily converts the digital signal to analog. 

Delivery trucks are recorded using a card reader assigned to the ingredient they are delivering. All they need to do is swipe their card on entry and again on exit. There are unlimited opportunities for the amount of cards/ingredients that can be recorded by the program.

Each harvest truck/tractor has an assigned remote that is programmed with their respective empty weights, crop, and field. Every time they come across the scale with a full load, they click a button on their clicker and their load weight is recorded.

Yes. Data from Truck Supervisor is fed into an Inventory Management Module.

See What Accurate Data Can Do For You

Truck Supervisor gives you inventory insights that make it easy to track and amend your inventory and feed program. Through a simplified interface designed to make accuracy easy, you will find control of your deliveries so you can make informed decisions that save you time and money.

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Manage your feeding program.