Scale Maintenance Protocol

The scale system on your TMR mixer plays a vital role in keeping your cows healthy, your inventory accurate

and rations consistent. Just a small calibration error can turn into a major issue in a very short time. At Supervisor Systems, we have adopted the following protocol for testing and maintaining TMR mixer scales with our clients. We recommend that you test your scale with a known weights at least once per month and adjust them as necessary.

Test/Calibrate Procedure

Use the following procedure to verify that your TMR mixer scale is working properly at all levels of use. You will apply
weight near zero, near mid-load and near full-load.

  • Park the mixer on flat ground and away from wind as much as possible.
  • With the mixer empty, “Zero” the scale balance.
  • Apply a known amount of weight. This weight can come from many sources. If you have test weights, use them. If you have a truck scale, you can use it to collect a known “net” weight and use it. Otherwise, using feed or mineral bags with known weights can work too. You want at least 200lbs (100kgs)
  • Compare the ACTUAL weight applied with the DISPLAYED weight on the scale indicator. If they do not match, you will need to make an adjustment. Adjustment methods vary by the scale equipment in use.
  • When scale is weighing properly with only the test weight applied, remove the test weights.
  • Build up material in the scale (ex: corn silage) to about the middle of the usable weight range of the scale.
  • Again, apply the test weights to the scale. The displayed weight should increase correctly to match the amount applied. If not, adjust accordingly.
  • When weighing correctly at the middle range, remove test weights again and build up more material to get near the top end of the usable weight range.
  • Once again, compare the APPLIED weight to the DISPLAYED weight and verify that the result is accurate.
    If you made adjustments along the way, repeat first few steps to verify scale is still OK near the bottom end too. If not, you may have additional issues resulting in non-linear weighing. Speak to your technician or equipment dealer for help.