What You Need to Know About the Latest Feed Supervisor Software Update

feed supervisor update

Are you looking to stay up-to-date with the latest technology in feed management? Then it’s important that you know about the latest release of the Feed Supervisor software update. Our goal at Supervisor Systems is to never stop pioneering in the way of farm technology because we know that time is valuable, data is critical, and support is what you need. We’re here to help strengthen your work in any way we can. This new version has some exciting features and capabilities, giving you more control over your operations while improving efficiency—wherever you are. But first, let’s first clarify what Feed Supervisor software is.

The Importance of Feed Management on Dairy Farms

Feed management is an important part of ensuring the health and productivity of the herd. Proper feed management helps to ensure that cows are receiving the right nutrients in the right amounts, which can help to improve milk production, reduce health problems, and increase overall profitability. Even monitor dry matter intakes so your nutritionist can balance rations, make simple adjustments based on clean-up, and identify savings opportunities like clean-up and shrink, all in one place. Feed Supervisor was developed by a Dairy Nutritionist to simplify ration management, inventory management, and feed efficiency. Learn more about our Feed Supervisor.

Updated Foundation

The first change featured in this update is the foundation update that enables us to make quick changes in the future including new features and reports.

Streamlined and Enhanced Report Generation

The dashboard interface also received an upgrade with this latest release. The program will have a similar layout and functions you are accustomed to while having a more intuitive and refreshed look. The buttons and wording will now be scalable to your computer size allowing you to set the size of the font to your preferences. Reports will also have an updated look and each report will be generated onto one scrollable page.

Automatically Generate and Distribute Reports with Feed Supervisor

With the new update, you can also generate reports and have them instantly available to other members of your herd management team. With the ability to select the types of reports to run and distribute automatically, you can keep everyone on the same page without having to worry about manually sending out updates. This will also help ensure that everyone in your team is aware of any changes in feed costs or herd management processes without spending extra time or effort.

Maximize Your Herd Management with Weather-Based Feed Data

With the new weather feature, Feed Supervisor allows you to correlate weather data to your feed data. The software collects and stores weather data from an external source so you can track seasonal trends in your herd and plan accordingly. Knowing what kind of weather conditions are best for your livestock can help save time and money, as well as improve the overall health of your animals.

Convenient, Secure Remote Access for Effortless Data Management

Manage your data from a web browser on another computer with the new web-capable Add-On. Everything you are able to do on your main Feed Supervisor can now be done from a web browser, including ration changes, running reports, and viewing or editing data. This is an optional feature of the new update allowing your farm to view your data from any device that has internet. The Remote Access add-on will also come with the ability to have an Automatic Cloud Backup, regularly storing your information in an accessible location

New 24/7 Service Plan

Lastly, a new 24/7 Service Plan is designed to be simpler and more convenient for you and your feed team. The following features are designed to help your Feed Supervisor System to be bulletproof in function:

  • Unlimited Support – Our continued commitment to outstanding support will now be more convenient to use. We’re here for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Loaner Equipment – Access to loaner equipment for free (not including shipping costs) while your equipment is being serviced or a new order is being placed.
  • New Updates – The new update will make it easier for us to create and work on new update releases. Our goal is to have continual updates that help make your job easier.

Are You Ready To Have The Best Technology For Feed Management?

Whether you are a current customer or a new customer, you can give us a call at 715-755-3575 or email us at [email protected] to get the new Feed Supervisor update. You can also join us for live or pre-recorded Zoom webinars that discuss the update and answer any questions you may have. Interested in a webinar?

We’re excited to bring you the best in feed management technology and look forward to speaking with you soon.